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Education is essential. With education we are getting a glimpse of what our fields entail.
From our academic tasks and course seminars we are building a foundation of knowledge of the careers we wish to take part in. Education means gaining knowledge and building credentials and is a crucial in meeting vocational goals. Still, when it comes to establishing oneself in the workforce, earning a degree is only one step in the right direction. Many people, especially students, find that searching for a career and making preparations outside of academia are quests within themselves. When encountered with this reality, several questions come to mind. What are the necessary steps that I need to take to start preparing for a career? When and where should I start looking?  Who can I ask for advice the job search and gaining vocational experience? Thanks to the technology of the Digital Age, namely the Internet, we have access to several career-oriented sources. Regardless of the treasure trove of sources, being inundated with information can still make the job search overwhelming. To tackle the issue of wading through the Internet for career sources, a list below gives a brief review of websites that can serve as starting points.

  • Big Interview- Interactive website designed to help you with interviews. Some features of the website include learning modules that address commonly asked questions within interviews and provide information on the most effective way to gain opportunities for interviews. A practical feature of the website is the audio and visual recording of your performance as you engage in interview questions. This feature of the website is perhaps the most useful in that it allows you not only to practice interviews, but to analyze your performance for improvement. Although there is a cost to register as a user of Big Interview, the website is sure to provide those on the job hunt with the skills and confidence needed to make a great impression for potential employers. 
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  • As freelance consultant and site founder Scott Boyd states, the website has “information and lots of it” (, 2013). Jobseekers Advice is an online forum for people on the job hunt. For frequently asked questions about cover letters, resumes and interviews, the website contains articles that provide the answers.  Knowledge of the workplace doesn’t stop at gaining entry into the job, but extends to matters such as job promotion and social etiquette amongst bosses and fellow colleagues. In addition to articles, Jobseekers Advice offer guidance through blog posts which also makes a good online podium for career seekers and professional recruiters alike. Granted that the website’s founder warns that the forum is not recruiting agency or a business designed to find careers, Jobseekers Advice is an online source for free advice that can point its visitors in the right direction.
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  • Eddins Counseling Group- The mission of the Eddins Counseling website centers on both the personal and vocational wellbeing of its users. Just as the site offers assistance to improve mental health, it is also dedicated to providing career counseling services. Along with blog posts, website gives links to resources designed to help job seekers search and prepare for their chosen vocation. For web browsers who are looking for more than links to help them on their job search, appointments can be made either online or by phone to schedule a meeting with certified career counselors stationed in Houston, Texas.

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  • Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli is a vocational psychologist and career coach. Through the Vocation Village website, she shares her insight on finding a career and achieves both professional and personal success. For those starting out in their search for a career, Dr. Civitelli gives advice concerning education and work experience. Even veterans of the workplace and individuals holding executive positions can benefit from the career coach’s consultation about strategies that can help them reach career goals. In addition to receiving online counseling through the Vocation Village page, Dr. Civitelli welcomes all visitors of the website to ask for guidance by phone as well.

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  • The weLEAD- Want to be a better supervisor? Are you interested in building the foundations to take on any leadership role? If so, the weLEAD might be the right place for job seekers who are willing to take charge and motivate. The website is all about honing the skills necessary to the courier of positive leadership. Discussion forums and articles are available for those who wish to share their inquiries about leadership as well as to gain knowledge from professionals experienced in management. Additionally, the website provides information for seminars and workshops schedules for those who are interested in interacting with leaders, including the website founder, face to face. Though there might be varying costs to the seminars and workshops, the weLEAD website may be a source well worth the time of prospective leaders.

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The Internet can be a convenient resource for people on the lookout for jobs. At the same time, one can become flustered sifting through endless links, trying to pick out the trustworthy from the unreliable. In spite of the overwhelming task of career searching through the Internet, the journey to find and prepare for a profession is not impossible. Hopefully, the brief review of the five websites listed above can ensure a successful beginning to finding your place in the workforce. 

What Internet sites have you found to be helpful in your job search and why? We'd love to hear from you!

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