Friday, March 28, 2014

TWU Op-Ed project and Dr. Mandy Golman

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Dr. Golman about her joining Texas Woman's University Op-Ed project. She explained that, “Op-Ed Project’s mission is to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas in the work and to increase the number of women thought leaders in key commentary forums. According to the OpEd project, 80% of contributions to these key commentary forums are written by men. The TWU group is organized through Barbara Presnall and Kate Landdeck in the History Department and has brought together members of the TWU and Denton community to participate in 4 workshops as well as monthly conference calls and meetings. In addition, we are provided a mentor that helps us polish and pitch our op-eds.”

She explained that departments such as Family Sciences, Communication Sciences, Visual Arts, Intercultural Services, TWU Counseling Center, Library Sciences, History, as well as other area professionals and nonprofit directors are also involved with TWU Op-Ed project. Others that are involved are:  These include Annetta Ramsay, an area LPC, Dr. Mona Shah who hosts a radio show “Politics Today” about Pakistan, School and Health Center Directors. A full list of who is involved can be found here.

When asked how she became involved with TWU Op-Ed project, Dr. Golman responded, “I saw the project advertised and thought it seemed like an interesting and beneficial program to be a part of so I submitted an application and was chosen. I was quite thrilled!”

Dr. Golman’s role with the TWU Op-Ed project has taught her how to write for a larger audience and “further the causes I am passionate about.” She has completed an article for the Huffington Post and she is currently working on a second submission. To see Dr. Golman’s article in the Huffington Post, click here.  

She hopes to continue to write and publish about a variety of issues. Dr. Golman is excited about the upcoming possibilities and states “Already participation in the project has proved invaluable!”

Congratulations, Dr. Golman, on these exciting achievements. We appreciate her taking the time to talk with us. 

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