Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time Management Tips

Hello fellow NaNoWriMo writers! Since at this point we may all be feeling like we may have bitten off a little more than we could chew, I thought it would be a good time to share some links to tips on time management.

This site - - is especially for college students and has 57 different tips - although, you may have to plan how to manage your time just to read through all of them! However, the top two tips that I think are important for this month are probably #34 Avoid Over-Commitment and #57 Set Boundaries. Remember that we all have to prioritize our lives and schoolwork will most likely come before NaNo writing! So, don't be afraid to adjust your goals if you need to!

Here is another good link by the Mayo Clinic staff that has just a few, basic tips that we all can benefit from -  My favorite is the one about getting plenty of sleep. I need to be refreshed every day so I can pump out those words on my computer! :-)

Remember, balance is the key my Nano friends!

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