Thursday, May 15, 2014

National Women's Health Week

Every year the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Offices on Women’s Health lead a nation-wide observance focused on the health of women. This observance begins on Mother’s Day and lasts for a week. During this week, communities and individuals are asked to help spread information to women which involve ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This year, National Women’s Health Week is May 11-17 so let’s get out there and start spreading the news!
Being a “Well Woman”
What does it mean to be a “well woman”? According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, being a well woman consists of a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. A well woman makes her physical and mental lifestyles a priority in her life and National Women’s Health Week seeks to empower women to do just that. So do yourself a favor and make the pledge to become a well woman this week!

How to be a Well Woman
One part of being a well woman is having a healthy physical lifestyle. This lifestyle can involve different attributes such as getting check-ups and having preventative screenings
performed. Other aspects of this lifestyle include being active so make sure to take some time out of your day to exercise in any way that you enjoy. Physical activity should not be something you dread, but something that you enjoy. Not only is it important to be physically active, it is also important to eat healthy. Whether it is exercising or eating healthy, a well woman pledges to make physical health a priority in her life.
The other side of being a well woman is having an awareness of your mental health. Often stigmatized, mental health is not meant to be a negative aspect of life, but it is an important part of having a holistic healthy lifestyle. It is vital in a well woman’s lifestyle to be mindful of her mental state. One example of this mindfulness is understanding how stress can play a role in your life. Taking steps to deal with this stress can lead to overall better mental health. Another tip to improve a healthy mental lifestyle is to make sleep a priority. Getting enough sleep is an easy change that can be made to any lifestyle and is an excellent way to improve mental health. More than just the physical, mental health is also priority in a well woman’s lifestyle.
Spread the Word!
One of the main reasons for National Women’s Health Week is to spread awareness of a healthy lifestyle to women across the nation. Everyone has a role to play in the spread of awareness and you can help too! Start spreading the news by posting a well woman status on social media. Get active and pledge to be a well woman. Invite your friends to partake in a healthy physical and mental lifestyle with you. By spreading information and getting involved, we can improve women’s health nation-wide. 

Written by Amelia Garza

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