Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guest Post: Personal Check-up by Coach Iris Slay

Keeping our physical bodies healthy is a value that many people esteem. Many people work out, eat healthy, and visit the doctor regularly. Specifically, most people visit the doctor when sick. It is easy for individuals to take care of their bodies since the body either looks or feels badly when a lack of attention is provided to a physical body.

Many individuals lack taking care of their emotional bodies, though. Are you one of these individuals? Would you consider yourself emotionally well or sick? When was the last time that you conducted a personal check-up?

When conducting a personal check-up it’s important to ask yourself several questions. These questions might be similar to what a doctor would ask when you entered his office for a regular check-up.

1. Am I being the person that I desire to be in my life?
2. Am I meeting my personal goals?
3. Am I treating people like I want to be treated?
4. Has my personality changed? If so, what specifically has changed? Has it changed for the better or the worse?
5. Am I staying as organized and driven as I want to be in my personal or business life?

If you find yourself saying ‘no’ to any of these diagnosing questions, you may be emotionally sick or getting emotionally sick. Just as a doctor would do, you must prescribe medicine for yourself. Here are several prescriptions to give yourself:

1. More sleep/regular sleeping habits
2. A new job
3. New friends/influences, or a new circle or community
4. Vacation
5. Lower stress (which can happen in a myriad of ways)
6. An adventure
7. A new hobby, or reviving one that you have neglected
8. An outlet—physical location, activity, friend, or even a room in your house
9. Better eating habits
10. Exercise
11. A consistent schedule and/or to-do list
12. More consistent boundaries
13. Time to think or pray

Find out what is missing in your life! Remember your passions and loves, whether work or personal or both. Whatever you need, but don’t have, incorporate it into your life if you have control to do so. If you do not have this control, you may need to close the door or grieve and let the person or situation go. Work on “healing” so that you can maintain your emotional health. Consistent progress to an emotionally healthy place in life will allow you to find that when you conduct your next personal check-up, you are emotionally healthy.

If you find yourself in a good place today, congratulations! Try to maintain your emotional health. What can you do to continue your healthy pattern so that when you have your next personal check-up, you are just as healthy?

Iris Slay
has a passion and track record for helping overwhelmed women lacking balance who want guiltless freedom to say no and want to sit in the driver’s seat of their life once and for all. As the “Dating YOURSELF coach,” she guides women to establish what is most important in their lives, discover the lives they desire by restoring the deep connection with themselves, and the courage to turn intention into reality. During our growth sessions, she helps clients uncover their unique personality and core strengths. This process empowers clients to finally become the person they desire!  

Working together, we achieve growth for today! 

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